Review: When Poverty Mattered: Then and now

Like many Canadian cities, Hamilton is beset with crises of poverty. From the steady erosion of affordable housing, to an increasingly visible homeless population, to addiction, mental health, and the stigmatization of entire neighbourhoods, Hamilton struggles with both the direct and indirect costs of poverty. Society relies upon volunteer organizations and underfunded social services to …

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Answers to fishy questions

I’m going to answer a couple of the most often asked questions at the restaurant. Why is halibut so expensive? Halibut is perhaps the most valuable of the groundfish fisheries in North America. The U.S. and Canada do not want another Grand Banks incident. I’m referring to when the cod stocks were all but collapsed …

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Simply Italian Bakery is simply delicious

Simply Italian Bakery (SIB) opened on Ottawa Street North on June 1st. Despite opening day hiccups like Interac machines not fully functioning, they had a busy day with customers coming and going all day long.  The space is modern, clean and bright with large windows facing onto Ottawa Street.  There are plenty of tables and …

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Volunteers are hard at working sorting and pricing items for sale.

Garden Day in Crown Point

Saturday is the annual Garden Day sales hosted by the Crown Point Garden Club in the parking lot of the Crown Point Community Church at 92 Ottawa Street North. There will be a selection of annuals, perennials,  natives, vegetables and varieties for every taste as well as free compost and woodchips. It all begins at …

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Sean Hurley

A new chapter on Ottawa Street

On a Friday, after work, I bought a hardcover copy of Beautiful Scars: Steeltown Secrets, Mohawk Skywalkers, by Hamilton musician and artist, Tom Wilson. I found a bench, parked myself, and started reading. Tom Wilson tells stories and he’s good at it. In the few chapters I got through on Ottawa Street, on an early …

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A brief history of a brief Maple Leaf Park

Crown Point once hosted an amusement park at the corner of Ottawa and Barton Streets and neither Enock the Man Fish nor Hardy the High Wire King could save it. It all began with a “Driving Park” opened on the land bounded by Ottawa, Cannon, Rosslyn and Barton in the mid-1880s by Simon James. The …

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Rendering of YWCA on Ottawa Street

Sneak peek of the new Ottawa Street YWCA! | YWCA Hamilton

In short, the function and design of Ottawa Street YWCA is informed by the needs of the community. When you said you wanted more community space in the neighbourhood, we incorporated two new community spaces into the design of our new building – one indoors, one outdoors. When you said you wanted a building that …

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A photo of antique items at Filter.

Filter is a little mysterious and impressive

[vc_row][vc_column][rd_images_carousel animation=”rda_bounceIn” images=”792,790,788,786,784,782″ onclick=”link_no” nav_style=”hover_nav_style” hide_pagination_control=”yes”][vc_column_text]Crown Point’s reputation for great food might still be growing, but it’s already well known as one of the best places to shop for antiques. This despite losing some of the better shops in the last while, including Steeltown Pickers, which moved to Concession Street, then Antiques Unlocked, whose owners …

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Mo trims Joe's hair.

Brothers on Ottawa Street

Three Syrian brothers who arrived in Hamilton from war-torn Syria have set up shop cutting hair in Hamilton, Ontario, Brothers Barbershop at 290 Ottawa Street North. According to Tammy Heidbuurt, posting in the Crown Point Community Facebook group, “Mohammed and his brothers used to run a barbershop back in Syria until they had to flee. …

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