Member Directory

Stephanie Davies lives in Crown Point.

Samantha Guyatt is a holistic nutritionist in Crown Point. For healthy ideas, local places to shop / dine, recipes and more health information visit ~ To book a personal nutrition assessment email:

Maria Felix Miller is the Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board trustee for Ward 3.

Scott Forbes owns and operates Hammerhead's Seafood on Ottawa Street North selling fish and chips. They also sell fresh fish at the Ottawa Street Farmers' Market every Saturday.

Janet Hoy is Co-owner of The City & The City Books. Visit her on Ottawa Street North.

Big Johnny Blue is a Hamilton blues musician who calls Crown Point home.

Nadine is a program coordinator at Green Venture where she strives to help people foster meaningful nature connections. Through gardening, a walk in the woods, or simply observing a wildflower more closely, Nadine believes this can help nurture the care for our environment needed to help mitigate climate change. Nadine studied physical geography the University of Toronto and is working towards her registration as a horticultural therapist.

Sara Graves lives in Crown Point and writes poetry.

Gabriel is a local Hamilton artist, born and raised in the crown point community. He is a self proclaimed music aficionado, the head of Hamilton creative collective 'andthenyoudie', He recently graduated from McMaster University.