Member Directory

Peggy is a mother, wife, and Crown Point resident. She is employed in customer service for Metrolinx, and previously worked in media in her home city in Taiwan.

Paul Weinberg is a Hamilton based author and independent journalist.

Marcée is a 15-year Crown Point resident. She sometimes tweets @deltawestmom.

Shane Pennells is a filmmaker and writer in Hamilton, Ontario. Along side various media projects, he has also spent the past two decades working with at-risk youth throughout Hamilton, as well as frequently being asked to speak about social topics such as Indigenous issues, social justice, the intersection of philosophy and religion, and media theory. He is an ongoing guest columnist for the Hamilton Community News, and sits on the board of Culture for Kids in the Arts, seeking to bring arts education to youth across the greater Hamilton area. He lives in Hamilton with his wife and their two cats, who love her but merely tolerate him.

Ingrid Mayrhofer lives in Crown Point and is an artist with Hamilton Red Tree Collective.

Proud Crown Point Community resident.

Trish Sprawson is a traveller, rogue writer, and she works in film.

Larry Pattison is a husband, father, long-time Crown Point resident, former Ward 3 public school trustee for HWDSB, Protector at INSE, and Managing Editor of The Point.

Clover Akuoko-Dabankah is a recent graduate of the Ontario College of Art and Design (OCAD), with a degree in design and she currently works for the CNIB Foundation.