To The Point

“Painter …. understood that the overall goal of removals, allotments, treaties, reservations and reserves, terminations, and relocation’s, was not simply to limit and control the movement of Native peoples, but more importantly to relieve them of their land base.”

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A brief history of a brief Maple Leaf Park

Crown Point once hosted an amusement park at the corner of Ottawa and Barton Streets and neither Enock the Man Fish nor Hardy the High Wire King could save it. It all began with a “Driving Park” opened on the land bounded by Ottawa, Cannon, Rosslyn and Barton in the mid-1880s by Simon James. The …

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Table set for Christmas in the dining room at Dundurn

Make merry this Christmas season at Dundurn Castle

Photos by Kathryn Shanley Dundurn Castle, the former home of one of Canada‚Äôs most notable politicians Sir Allan MacNab, makes for a great evening tour location to get even the most die-hard Scrooge supporters into the Christmas spirit. This is even truer when the castle is lit up and dressed in its finest, the aroma …

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