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The Point’s Past

Sean Hurley and Cynthia Lokker have been involved with The Point News in all its forms through its ups and downs, but both were ready to dial down their roles and “pass the baton”, as it were. Sean and Cynthia are more than happy to stay involved, but this week the INSE team has officially taken over management of The Point which remains an asset of The Crown Point Community Action Teams.

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A brief history of a brief Maple Leaf Park

Crown Point once hosted an amusement park at the corner of Ottawa and Barton Streets and neither Enock the Man Fish nor Hardy the High Wire King could save it. It all began with a “Driving Park” opened on the land bounded by Ottawa, Cannon, Rosslyn and Barton in the mid-1880s by Simon James. The …

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Jimmy Lomax Graduates

POINTS PAST: Jimmy Lomax

Courtesy of Hamilton Spectator Collection, Hamilton Public Library “It’s not the things you do at Christmas, it’s the Christmassy things you do year round that count.” — Jimmy Lomax. One of the greatest and most charitable Hamiltonians of all time was Mr. Jimmy Lomax who grew up in Crown Point’s north end. For more than …

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CREATING COMMUNITY: Dr. John M. Perkins Centre

The building attracts renters from the long
established McMaster University to the fresh, new
business of Mes Amis Catering Company. It has been
home to New Hope Community Bikes, and continues
to be home to New Hope Church every Sunday for
services. Long-term renters are welcome, but the
Perkins Centre offers its spaces for one-time corporate
and private events as well.

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