Complete Sreet in Grimsby

Can a city be driven to change?

This spring, Hamilton city council is expected to debate and pass a complete streets design manual to make roads friendlier and safer, especially for more vulnerable pedestrians and cyclists. Under the program, walking, cycling, and public transit will have a higher priority. The 2021 city transportation master plan (unanimously adopted by city council) states that …

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Sean Hurley

What the emergency means

To begin, it’s important to note that the Board of Health passed a motion that has several components and consequences. These components and consequences can be best summarised and explained as three parts. The first being the symbolic (but important) act of the declaration of the climate emergency. The second being what the City of Hamilton will be doing differently in light of this declaration, as outlined in the motion. Finally, the third part is far from guaranteed, but together we can ensure a broad collective action is taken by all Hamiltonians to respond to the emergency.

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