Garden Club members relax after a meeting. Sean Hurley

What’s going on with the Crown Point Community Planning Team?

Readers of The Point are probably aware that we have been the newspaper of the Crown Point Community Planning Team (CPCPT). While the paper has made the transition from newsprint to online, there have also been some changes in the Planning Team. For background, the CPCPT has been meeting for about 10 years as a …

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Image of the first issue of The Point
The Point was first published in April 2014.

Pointing forward

It has been just over five years since a group of about ten Crown Point neighbours met over a kitchen table to devise a plan for a community newspaper. “The Point” was the perfect name for our new venture, and we had a fantastic team with a passion for connecting neighbours with stories about Crown Point. And before we knew it, in February 2014, we published our first issue of The Point! We printed 9,000 copies, and then came together to get them delivered. I knew then that we had something truly special on our hands.

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