The YWCA construction site on Ottawa Street North at Dunsmure. -Elizabeth Seidl

How to change the way we build

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]The City of Hamilton has recently declared a climate change emergency and to support action to reach net zero carbon emissions by 2050. Phew! I sighed when hearing the news. Finally, our elected representatives are starting to take climate change seriously. But despite this declaration, there are still a lot of questions needing answers as …

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Delight Festival 2016
Delight Festival 2016 Jeff Hayward

Do you have a Delightful art installation idea?

We hear that some of you are missing Delight, Hamilton’s only light festival, and we wanted to tell you not to worry – Delight will be reborn this coming June, but with a twist. Calling all artists, students and community members – we want to hear your ideas and help you #MakeYourDelight during this year’s …

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Photo by Sean Hurley

Protecting your ride

Have a good lock and know how to use it. Cable locks are very easily cut through in almost no time—even the thickest ones. A U-lock, chain lock
(specially made bike chain locks, not just chain and padlock from the hardware store), or folding locks are your best bets. Make sure that your lock is always passing through the frame, not just the wheel, though you should also try and lock your wheels, either by buying a large enough lock or buying a secondary cable lock to fasten your wheels to the frame so
no one can walk off with them.

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