Photo by L. Pattison

#SaveSobi – A Lifeline

Many of you in Hamilton took to a SoBi bike over the weekend. It was beautiful to see the splattering of blue at City Hall. This was done in protest of a decision by city council to store our social bicycles rather than the city taking over the operation temporarily until a new operator could be procured. All of this was in response to Uber notifying council of their decision to terminate their contract early.

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Sean Hurley

New face on Ottawa Street

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Working at the Ottawa Street BIA is a new, memory-filled journey for me. As a kid, I would go through the world of fabrics with my mom. We’d search for that perfect pattern and fabric to complete my latest sewing masterpiece. One year, with my mom’s help of course, it was pajama sacks which became …

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