Cannon Coffee CO Damage

Crown Point resident, Jake Terry, was driving to work this morning at around 4am when he noticed the front window of the Cannon Coffee CO had been smashed through.

It is believed that the person who drove their vehicle through the window of the Ottawa Street North coffee house early morning, was under the influence at the time of the incident.

I spoke to part owner Chris, who was outside with a long time employee greeting customers. He stated that although they will not be welcoming guests inside the building today or offering their usual assortment of yummy treats and tasty beverages, they will be serving free coffee. Later on, Saint James on James St North, will be stopping by with their aptly named sandwiches ‘The Drive though’.

The Cannon hopes to be open for business as usual tomorrow, but stay tuned throughout the day and into tomorrow to their Instagram account for updates.

If you are able to, they will be accepting cash donations throughout the day as well. They also have an online ‘Tip Jar’ that can be accessed through this link:

Cannon Coffee Co is ‘a sunny little east Hamilton cafe. Sweet and cozy is what we like. Also waffles and coffee.’ It was established in 2011 and quickly became and continues to be, a cherished Crown Point favorite.

And that’s The Point.

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