To The Point

The below quotes are from The Inconvenient Indian by Thomas King.

“At the Lake Mohonk conference in October of 1886, one of the participants, Charles Cornelius Coffin Painter, who served as lobbyist for the Indian Rights Association pointed out the obvious, that the treaties made with Native people had been little more than expediencies. In his talk, Painter quoted General Williams Tecumseh Sherman, who had said that treaties “were never made to be kept, but to serve a present purpose, to settle a present difficulty in the easiest manner possible, to acquire a desired good with the least possible compensation, and then to be disregarded as soon as this purpose was tainted and we were strong enough to enforce a new a more profitable arrangement.”

“Painter …. understood that the overall goal of removals, allotments, treaties, reservations and reserves, terminations, and relocation’s, was not simply to limit and control the movement of Native peoples, but more importantly to relieve them of their land base.”

A GoFundMe was started some time ago to support land defenders with legal costs related to the occupation at McKenzie Meadows. In addition to this fundraising outlet, an auction has also been initiated as another means to raise money for their defense.

The link to the GoFundMe can be found at

($93,148 has been raised to date)

The link to the auction can be found at

Sean Hurley, founding member & current copy editor at The Point, is offering up for auction The Arkells Morning Report vinyl LP autographed by the band.

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