Rolling along despite vandalism

In Crown Point we’re fortunate to have a number of people, groups and organzations that engage in activities that enrich the community and build up social capital. Among them, the people behind and within New Hope Community Bikes (NHCB) stand out as leaders.

The work and legacy of NHCB reaches beyond the confines of their Main Street store. They worked hard to bring a pump track to Gage Park, and some of them helped to bring about Cycle Hamilton to promote cycling and to lobby the city around cycling safety and infrastructure. They can also be found participating in local events and activities such as the Pipeline Trail Parade or riding along with the Hamilton Glow Riders .

Jack services a bike.
A bike is serviced at New Hope Bikes – Photo by Tammy Heidbuurt

On their website NHCB describe themselves as “a registered charity and social enterprise that seeks to get more people on affordable, reliable bicycles and provide employment and job training opportunities for youth … We believe bicycles can help build a healthier, more environmentally friendly community and that everyone should have access to affordable, efficient transportation.”

NHCB does much more there than fix and sell bikes. They train, they do workshops, and they organize events.

Because NHCB has become such an active and contributing member in our community, it is extremely disappointing to report their store has been vandalized again. On Tuesday, April 14th, just after midnight, someone threw a rock through the store front window. Ironically, the rock was painted with the words, “there’s beauty in everything”.

The rock that went through the window at New Hope Bikes.
The rockk that went through the window on Main St. read “There’s beauty in everything.” – Photo by Tammy Heidbuurt

This is the second act of vandalism in just a few months.

For an ordinary business the vandalism would be a set back. For a charity organization operating on a shoestring and during a pandemic, it should be demoralizing. However, Tammy Heidbuurt, who works at NHCB doesn’t want to focus on the negative but the positive. She wants people to know how the store plans to “keep on rolling”.

Among recovery plans is to sell merchandise including a print of their “keep on rolling” sign. Mostly, though, Tammy wants people in Crown Point and Hamilton to know NHCB is open for business.

Damaged window and Keep On Rolling Sign.
Damaged window and Keep On Rolling Sign. Photo by Tammy Heidbuurt.

NHCB will invest in better windows and doors to protect the store when it is closed, but that costs money at a time when everything is mostly stopped. If you have a bike in need of service, or if you’re thinking of a new bike, or you would just like to help out, pay New Hope Community Bikes a visit online. It serves the whole neighbourhood.

Visit their Shopify store, to buy or email or call them at – 905-545-1991 for service and repair.

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