Ten cents a day

Ten cents a day is all it would take to clear every sidewalk in Hamilton of snow and ice after a storm. Ten cents a day.

With every heavy snowfall or after an ice storm, people become trapped in their homes or at risk on the streets. Life doesn’t stop. Missing appointments can cost money people don’t have.

Ten cents a day.

The argument against making Hamilton accessible for everyone after a snow storm is the cost. The cost is ten cents a day.

They say “enforcement”, but enforcement is what we do and it doesn’t work. Some people can’t shovel. Others don’t. The cost is ten cents a day.

It is ten cents a day.

A Canadian dime.

February 10th is budget delegation day. It is your chance to tell council that ten cents a day is worth it for the independence and dignity of everyone in the city. You need to register.

Hamilton’s 2020 Budget Public Delegation Day

On February 10th 2020 Hamilton’s City Council will be hosting it’s “public delegation day” which is the one day members of the public are given to weigh in on the annual budget.

Every year we at Environment Hamilton encourage all residents of Hamilton to register to delegate to Council on the importance of prioritising our city to respond to the climate emergency – that means investment in public transit, energy efficiency, resilient infrastructure and more!

TO REGISTER TO DELEGATE GO TO: https://www.hamilton.ca/council-committee/council-committee-meetings/request-speak-committee-council-form

Go to the link above and fill out the form to request to speak to the February 3rd General Issues Committee (GIC) meeting that begins at 3pm and that you wish to speak to the 2020 budget.

For more information or if you have any questions about this process, email Ian at iborsuk@environmenthamilton.org!


Or call your councillor and tell them you support passable sidewalks all year. It is only ten cents.

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