Shades of cool in Crown Point

Last week a neat little cafe opened up on Cannon at Kensington and then the very next day a beer hall opened next door. 

Neighbours alarmed by the idea of beer hall in the neighbourhood will be pleasantly surprised. It’s not that kind of beer hall. They do serve beer, and cocktails in the cafe, but there is an emphasis on good food and quality beer. The kitchen is open and a prominent feature of the dining experience. Brunch will be served on weekends. 

The kitchen at Osten Beer Hall is a prominent feature.

A very interesting aspect of the enterprise is the 1101 Cafe Bar. By day they serve up coffee (Detour), cakes and sandwiches, and then at night they turn to cocktails. What’s intriguing, though, is they’ve installed a very nice sound system complete with two turntables and vintage Tannoy (I think) loud speakers. They will be providing a space for listening and they will be hosting spin nights.

Turn tables and records at 1101.

A listening cafe in Hamilton.

The food served up for both places is prepared from scratch in the beer hall kitchen and that includes the cakes and pastries. I was treated to a slice of the best pound cake I’ve ever had. I think the beer hall focus is comfort bar foods. I watched a burger being made and my mouth watered (and I just realized why it’s an open kitchen).  The prices are fair and what anyone would expect given the professional service and good, fresh food. I, for one, welcome our new neighbours.

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