When good eats meets good deeds

The best cod in the world is coming to Hamilton.

Fogo Island Fish is a small Newfoundland family fishery that catches fish in the traditional way. They use a line and catch them one at a time from the cold waters of the Labrador current. The market for the cod is high end Toronto eateries. According to a 2016 CBC report: “Chefs are telling us it’s cod unlike any cod they’ve ever had. Its colour, its texture, its flavour is very different from any other cod they’ve got access to.”

Scott Forbes, owner of Hammerhead’s East End Seafood, has received an order of the much sought after cod and he wants to carry forward the Fogo Island philosophy of helping community. To do that, he has teamed up with Catherine Johnston, founder of Erich’s Cupboard, an organization that hosts a suicide awareness program called safeTALK. Every meal of Fogo Island cod contributes to Erich’s Cupboard.

Scott and Catherine provide the full details below:

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