Energy healing restores welllness

When it comes to health claims and alternative care, I’m a skeptic. I put my faith in science and conventional medicine. So when Jennifer Causey of Awareness Spark, asked me to undergo a session with her in Reconnective Healing I was hesitant. However, well aware of the concept of “confirmation bias”, whereby we gravitate towards information that supports our existing beliefs or preconceptions, I decided to take her up on the offer.

Jennifer lives in Crown Point with her husband, son and dog. She can sometimes be found at the Ottawa Street Farmers’ Market selling fresh fish from family owned and operated Hammerhead’s East End Seafood. Following a cycling accident, she was unable to work due to the pain even after rehabilitation. She explained, “I had one energy healing session with a yoga instructor, who became a mentor to me, and the pain that I had been experiencing for nearly a year disappeared over the next few days.”

Energy Healing is the process of restoring “wellness” through the stimulation of innate energy fields that surround and flow through our person. Wellness is dependent on good health but is more than that. The World Health Organization (WHO) defines wellness as “A state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.”

Following her experience with pain relief, Jennifer began to explore energy healing and then “stumbled upon” Reconnective Healing (RH) which she describes as “an interaction that accesses a comprehensive band of frequencies comprised of energy as well as aspects of light and information within the field.”

RH differs from similar “energy” practices in that “it is neither a treatment nor a therapy.” Jennifer said that “as a practitioner, I don’t need to know someone’s challenges” for them to benefit from a session. “I am not trying to change, alter or fix anything. I am simply there so that a three-way communication (practitioner, client and the “field”) can happen.”

RH does not claim to be a cure or a medical treatment but it is called “healing” because, according to Jennifer, it is “a return to wholeness in that we remember we are already whole.” She said RH “Restores balance and harmony and you return to the wholeness of who and what you are.”

For me, I attended the session not knowing what to expect which was good because it is best not to have any expectations: “When we put our focus solely on what we intend we may miss what shows up for us if it differs which is why we say to be in a state of expectancy and have no expectations.” She explained: “Somehow, by the client and the practitioner being both the witness and the observer and engaging in a way where we are putting our attention on the energy, light and information that exists all around us we access these frequencies and healing happens. It just does.“

Admittedly, I’m impatient and Jennifer is quite the opposite. After some initial discussion and the standard forms she instructed me to lay down, close my eyes, but try to be aware of what I was experiencing. I can say it was the most relaxing experience I have enjoyed in a very long time. That is not necessarily typical. Jennifer said, “For some it is quite relaxing, for others not so much.”

Following the session we practiced trying to feel the energy in my hands. It was there, then, but I haven’t been able to get it back. Where does this leave a skeptic?

Jennifer does not present RH as an alternative to conventional healthcare but as a complimentary. For her, energy healing allowed her to go back to work, opened a realm of discovery, and she wishes to share her experience with the world so that more people may know what she has found. Only one to three sessions are suggested for any individual so the risk is quite limited for other skeptics like myself.

To learn more, visit Facebook or Instagram. Book a session by visiting Email or call her at 289-203-5644.

Jennifer is happy to provide a short demonstration to experience the RH frequencies. She says the frequencies are tangible and most people feel them.

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