Tony Lemma: The Independent

Hamilton Centre became home for Tony Lemma in 2006. He’s very passionate about his City and deeply committed to adding value to his local neighbourhood.

He’s a servant leader in his community and feels a good community leader should also be a participant in community activities and ‘lead from among’. He’s shown this most recently in his participation at the Giving Closet Thrift shop where he’s acted as both volunteer and interim manager. He feels that a good vision or plan comes from the richness of broad input and participation from all, inclusive of expert advice. He also feels that this kind of leadership doesn’t dictate an outcome but promotes one that articulates and implements agreed upon desired outcomes. Lemma is also very passionate about the democratic process and about real representative democracy. He’s heard residents tell him how they feel their politicians care more about their party affiliation than the job of real constituent representation. This passion for real representative democracy has led him to stand as a None of the Above Candidate in the 2018 provincial election and as a 2018 candidate for Ward 3 councillor. Today he’s seeking to continue this journey as an independent / None of the Above candidate for Hamilton Centre.

He believes the housing crisis is a key issue here in Hamilton Centre and he’d like to see a national housing strategy to deal with the housing crisis in our larger urban centres and remote vulnerable rural communities. He also believes that public transit is a key issue and would like to see a national public transportation strategy to connect our larger cities with outlying urban areas to promote economic prosperity across their regions and across Canada. Another key issue is our environmental impacts. He believes we need a national energy strategy that looks to the future through leading new technologies like ammonia fuel (NH3) to get us to meet or exceed the 80% reduction of 2005 levels of green house gas (GHG) or life cycle pollution from all forms of energy by 2040. In addition to these issues, he believes that the prevalence of hate is a key issue. He feels that where there is hate there is also a real risk of violence. He strongly believes that to stand against hate we must also stand against the use of violence as a means to an end.

On a national level, Lemma believes that our democracy has been eroded and the public has lost confidence in our elected officials. He believes what’s needed is legislative electoral and democratic reforms to bring about real representative democracy.

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