Breakfast in The Point: Calipan

The Spectator ran a piece on where to get breakfast in Hamilton. Of the six restaurants profiled, Rankin’s, is in Crown Point which is pretty good considering how large and wide is Hamilton. In Crown Point, though, we have lots of places to get breakfast.

Calipan Bakery is a cozy little place serving up prepared Colombian foods and baked goods. They offer two breakfast options. The one I had is the Colombian Breakfast which is described on the menu as “a mixture of rice and beans, fried pork belly, fried egg, plantain, small arepa (cornbread) accompanied by a small coffee”.

Basically, this is a comfort food. Everything about the meal is sort of pleasantly familiar and the food appeals to a sense of contentment. I almost forgot to drink my coffee and that never happens. The bakery is family owned and operated and so the food is probably as close to home made as is possible in a commercial kitchen. There is no one thing that stands out as exceptional, but on the whole this is a great breakfast conveniently located between my home and the market. Take note that you won’t need lunch. The food’s as filling as it is delicious.

Calipan is on Ottawa Street North, between Merk’s and Puravida. They are closed Sunday and Monday and open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesday to Friday and open for breakfast at nine on Saturdays.


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