A new momentum for a new year

With the new school year underway, I am excited to support staff and students across our five Ward 3 schools. I toured the new Bernie Custis Secondary School earlier this summer and was so happy to see how committed staff is to ensuring that the school culture is one of inclusivity and positivity.

During these first weeks, I have already heard from residents about the overall positive atmosphere at our high school – and indeed, I witnessed a wonderful, communal energy when I visited BC during their first day of school. This is a new chapter for Ward 3 and I know that students will proudly shape their own community at Bernie Custis.

I am also excited to get to know our four elementary school communities. I heard lots from residents and I am ready to support our Crown Point families in their concerns around bullying, special needs support, and equity support. I hope that all students found my message and contact information in their school newsletters.

I intend my term as trustee to be one of visibility and connection because all of our children deserve to feel to be seen and supported. The Hamilton Centre for Civic Inclusion (located at King and Victoria) has generously offered me use of their space as a local, barrier-free, accessible, and confidential meeting option for those in our communities. I also look forward to connecting with residents during community and school events, so please say hello if you see me in Crown Point!

I intend my term as trustee to be one of visibility and connection …

I send all of our students my best wishes for a positive new school year and hope that all of our residents have a wonderful fall season. Thank you to the Crown Point residents who have already reached out in advocating for the safety and well-being of our students.

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