Animal Crossing: New Leaf, an informal review

With the long awaited fifth instalment of the Animal Crossing series coming soon, the time has come to completely ignore it and talk about Animal Crossing: New Leaf, instead. New Leaf is the fourth and most recent of the Animal Crossing games, not including Happy Home Designer and Amiibo Festival because I actively choose to believe they don’t exist.

So what the heck even is Animal Crossing? In short, it’s a series of life simulation games where you do normal life things, like talking to the townsfolk, digging up dinosaur fossils, or even paying off your crippling debt. Well, I suppose it’s not really rooted in reality. Especially that last one.


In New Leaf, instead of just being a regular villager, you’re actually the mayor of a small town. This opens up a bunch of things, like ordinances, public works projects, and being told by everyone that your town needs more flowers even though every square centimetre is covered in them.

This game truly has everything. You can go diving, invest in turnips, catch bugs and fish for the museum, go to an island resort, get your fortune told, buy art (some of which is counterfeit…), or even go to your friend’s towns! Y’know, if you had friends.

This is the perfect game if you happen to be stuck on a deserted island, because even though you can’t contact anyone you care about, at least you can talk to your fictional friends, and you can even celebrate holidays in real time.

But what truly makes this game go above and beyond is the soundtrack. Every song warms my cold, dead heart. I’m listening to it right now, as I’m writing this. Every piece suits the game perfectly, and it’s a calm and fun soundtrack for a calm and fun game.

Let’s get to the nitty-gritty. Should you buy this even though the new game is coming out? Short answer, maybe.

Long-ish answer, Breath of the Wild was delayed like fifty times. I wouldn’t be surprised if the new Animal Crossing is delayed. Besides, it costs a paltry sum of $30 CAD, so if you think you might be interested in the new game, why not take this one for a spin?

Since reviews often have scoring system, I give Animal Crossing New Leaf an arbitrary five trillion out of thirty-six.

Thank you for actually reading until the end of this review! As a reward, please accept an imaginary gold star. 

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