Click with your garden

For me, the main reason I want to take photos of my garden is to capture the beautiful combinations of colours and textures created by plants. I run inside to find my phone and hope the moment is still there when I return. I want the camera to see what I see.

But it’s not just about inspiring moments in the garden. There’s a practical side to garden photography. Good shots can help me identify a mystery plant and for these photos its the details that matter. How are the leaves attached to the stem — opposite or alternate? Do they have lobes? How are the veins arranged? Is the leaf margin smooth or serrated or scalloped? Is the stem hairy or smooth?

Photos can also become a garden journal, a visual reminder from year to year–or decade to decade—of a garden’s development and evolution. Photos become a connection to plants and places we used to have. They’re also a great planning tool for making design changes and moving things around as the garden matures.

Unlike my husband I’m not a good at taking photos. There’s always something wrong with them–too much glare, shadows in the wrong places, weird colouring, focus on the wrong thing.

Becoming a decent photographer — how hard could it be? Surely there must be other gardeners like me who would like to capture those special moments and places and do them justice.

The upcoming “Click with your Garden” event can help improve your garden photography no matter what your goal. Organized by the Crown Point Garden Club and set in the native plant garden on the Pipeline Trail just east of Ottawa and Main, Click with your Garden brings gardeners and photographers together for an afternoon of informal practice and coaching. Learning with an expert at your shoulder, offering tips and critique, can improve your skills faster than books, blogs or trial and error.

The event is happening on Saturday June 22 between 2 and 4 p.m. It’s free and the drop-in format means you can stay for a long as you like. Don’t forget to bring your camera! Details are here: In case of rain, check the web.

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