Farmers’ Market, Crown Point’s green grocery

Many have said that Ottawa Street needs a green grocer. In fact, we have one. It may require some planning, but every Saturday morning a green grocery opportunity sets up shop in the municipal parking lot east of Ottawa.

Market vendors provide a number of different products to visitors. There are a few hardy vendors who come all winter long, but at this time of year vendors come and go more seasonally. Not everything is a vegetable, either. Suzie’s Gluten Free Kitchen, from Grimsby, sells a variety of baked goods.

Doggo Pets Co. & Barkery makes home made dog treats. My two girls have had samples more than once and absolutely love them. Wagley, shown below, lacks any sense of dignity. She ain’t too proud to beg, at all. 

Scott Forbes and Jennifer Causey from Hammerhead’s, were selling fresh fish and seafood. I purchased trout filets from Manitoulin Island. Our plan was to grill it but that fell through due to a charcoal crisis and I ended up frying it. I haven’t had fresh trout for a lifetime and it was a real treat. The charcoal incident has been resolved and grilled trout can go back on the menu.

What I’m calling the Clean White Truck was selling garden vegetables for planting in home and community gardens.

If you’re going to grill fish, you may well have a nice wine. The rose will be great for when the days get hotter, but in this cold, wet spring, I prefer the red. Not with fish. Just, you know …

Warner’s sells a large variety of fruits available in baskets big and small.

Murray’s Farm who run Murray’s Farm and Butcher Shoppe were there grilling up sliders with an aroma that made my knees weak. I was holding out for pizza at Simply Italian Bakery, though, so this Saturday I hope there are sliders, although I am informed there may be something else just as good.

Branching Path Farm & Kitchen sells fresh vegetables. I noted they had fresh asparagus. They also sell preserves and, right now, seedlings for home gardeners.

Mud & Suds Craftwerks By Prouse Pottery & Soap were on hand selling a variety of products. Jennifer VanderMarel Prouse is the market coordinator. 

When I mentioned the hardy souls who brave the winter to keep the market going all year, Novak’s is one of them. They will have a variety of vegetables all year round.


The Ottawa Street Farmers’ Market is open every Saturday from 8 a.m. I may have left some vendors out, and if so I apologize. As the growing season takes root (sorry), and more products become available more vendors and bigger crowds will arrive. It is a great place to meet your neighbours and stock up on fresh foods for the week.  

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