June 1st is 100in1Day

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Close your eyes for a moment and imagine one positive change that you would like to see in our community. Would it be something to do with the environment? Public art? Safe Streets? Transportation? Now imagine that for one day, you could implement a citizen-led action to work towards this change. What would you do?

On Saturday June 1, cities around the world including Hamilton will be participating in 100in1Day, which is a celebration of what makes our communities great. It is also an opportunity to collectively dream of a better world through citizen-led actions, also known as “urban interventions”.

100in1Day began in 2012 as a movement from Bogotá, Colombia where inspired citizens sought to instigate change in their communities through grassroots activism. Since then it has grown to include cities around the world.

On 100in1Day, no urban interventions are too big or too small. From street festivals and cycling tours, to pop-up parks and dance lessons, to garden clean-ups and public art installations, these community actions can showcase ideas that raise awareness of issues, inspire change, motivate others, or simply make people smile. Urban interventions cover a vast range of topics including community-building, urban planning, mobility, the environment, social connections, food, art, and more. Urban interventions take place in the streets, sidewalks, parks, alleyways, public squares, waterfronts, front lawns, porches and common spaces. What they all have in common is the desire to create a positive impact on a local scale.

100in1Day Hamilton Turns 5

100in1Day first came to Hamilton in 2015. Each year the number of urban interventions and participants has grown. Over the past four years, 100in1 Day Hamilton has inspired more than 550 community-led projects and events, engaged tens of thousands of residents, and has facilitated lasting change in the form of new policies, new partnerships and organizations, infrastructure enhancements, and more. This year, Green Venture, Hamilton’s community-based environmental non-profit, is leading the volunteer committee made up of dedicated Hamiltonians who coordinate this city-wide event. Funding partners include McMaster Office of Community Engagement, City of Hamilton Sustainable Mobility and Lura Consulting.

There have been too many incredible urban interventions in Hamilton since 2015 to mention them all, however there are a few you may have seen or heard about in and around the Crown Point neighbourhood. In 2015, a community member serenaded Kenilworth Avenue with live piano music. For the past 4 years a group of volunteers have illuminated the rail trail between Wentworth Street and Corktown Park with candles. In 2017, several parking spaces were removed from Our Lady Of Vietnam Church and Holy Family Parish on Kenilworth Avenue and replaced with a large garden. Around the city there have been parking space parties, puppy kissing booths, clothing swaps, recipe exchanges, knitting circles, and so much more.

This year 100in1Day is back for its fifth year and it is going to be better than ever! There are two hubs this year for intervention leaders who hope to bring their change to a wider audience. For the second year in a row the Barton Village BIA will host intervention leaders at their Barton Village Festival. The Downtown BIA, a new hub this year, is also opening up their King William “Street Party” to intervention leaders who need a space to host their intervention.

How to Get Involved

There are many ways to get involved with 100in1Day in Hamilton this year:

Attend an ideation workshop: There are several workshops scheduled during the month of May to brainstorm interventions and fine-tune ideas. For details about upcoming workshops, visit 100in1Day’s Facebook page.

Lead an intervention: Register your intervention on the 100in1Day website https://100in1day.org/city/hamilton. No idea is too big or too small! Leading an intervention is as easy as 1-2-3. First develop an idea and register it online. After a brief approval process, your intervention will be added to the online map. Finally, promote your intervention and implement it on June 1!

Participate on June 1: Check out the planned interventions on the 100in1Day website. Interventions will be running all across the city throughout the day.

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