What’s going on with the Crown Point Community Planning Team?

Readers of The Point are probably aware that we have been the newspaper of the Crown Point Community Planning Team (CPCPT). While the paper has made the transition from newsprint to online, there have also been some changes in the Planning Team.

For background, the CPCPT has been meeting for about 10 years as a resident-led community group with a focus on connecting neighbours with each other and facilitating and supporting the creation of action teams around projects that are important to the contributing residents. The CPCPT was supported through the City of Hamilton’s Neighbourhood Action Strategy office that was created as a result of the Code Red series published in the Hamilton Spectator.

Over this past decade, the CPCPT has been the fertile grounds for the Crown Point Garden Club, The Pipeline Trail team, The Kenilworth Revitalization Team, and The Point, among a number of other action teams; some which continue and some which had shorter, more focused objectives. The team had open community meetings every month in a number of locations around Crown Point. Many of our initiatives were supported through a grant program from the Hamilton Community Foundation which allocated up to $5000 to the neighbourhood initiatives per year.

Last year, the city reviewed and changed how they support community organizations. While the city, along with the Hamilton Community Foundation “reimagined” their approach to supporting neighbourhoods, the CPCPT reimagined how we function as well.

We had found that our monthly meetings, often with agendas jam packed with little opportunity for true engagement with our neighbours, were not attracting new members. We were struggling with sustainability of our executive team. And most of our attendees were fabulous volunteers with too many projects on their plates to tackle anything new.

So we decided, collectively, to reimagine how we function as a neighbourhood group that is still responsive and supportive of resident-led ideas and actions. Here are some of the changes:

  • Rather than having an executive, we have developed a steering committee made up of the leads (or their designate) for each active action team. This group will meet regularly and respond to email inquiries from residents. They will also help make connections between residents interested in similar projects and with other supporting service organizations and the city. They can even help with grant writing etc. An email to executive@crownpointhub.ca will connect you with the committee.
  • We are planning 4 meetings per year, with a focus on community events to get to meet our neighbours and talk about the great things we can do collectively. Our next such event will be a free community BBQ. We’ll be posting on facebook and other social media once we finalize details.
  • We will continue to use The Point for communicating to the neighbourhood. If you have a story or photograph to share, send it to contactthepoint@gmail.com.

If you are interested in the current action teams, please feel free to reach out!

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