New face on Ottawa Street

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Working at the Ottawa Street BIA is a new, memory-filled journey for me. As a kid, I would go through the world of fabrics with my mom. We’d search for that perfect pattern and fabric to complete my latest sewing masterpiece. One year, with my mom’s help of course, it was pajama sacks which became Christmas presents. Home economic classes at Scott Park school made mom’s help even more valuable—the teacher was giving marks for those dress hems!

My creative energy turned to Halloween costumes for my first-born Erich. Now those were masterpieces! (“Thanks mom!”) Thank goodness I saved and reused them for my second-born Matthew. He didn’t have a clue that Mickey was 10 years old!

Fast forward a couple of decades, to my new job on the street where I spent so much time growing up. There are many reminders of the past, but also new and exciting changes. Where else can we walk down one long street and step from the past and into the future and back again from one minute to the next?

Ottawa Street makes me feel like I’m going home. Each store has something different to offer. I see so many amazing people, each with ideas and dreams, working so hard to make them into reality. Being an independent business owner is more work than anyone can imagine. I respect all of them and hope all their ventures succeed.

So come visit Ottawa Street. Every single store has something different to offer. Even if it’s not for you, drop in and take a look, say hello, and wish everyone well. You’ll be glad you did.

Share your thoughts with the BIA–we’d love to hear from you. And you could make a small business owner’s smile just a little fuller.

I feel like I’ve trained all my life for this kind of job. I believe in community members working to support one another. Hamilton is home to some amazing people and great ideas–and it’s all so close. Anything is possible here in The Hammer.

Oh yes, did I mention that I am the new Ottawa Street BIA Coordinator? I’m filling in for the amazing Maggie while she works at a more important job (mom) for just a bit. I wish Maggie and her partner all the best on the parenthood adventure.

I will be dropping into the businesses along the street to introduce myself and get to know the owners while we gear up for spring fun and shopping.

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