Working together to make our schools the best places to learn

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Students are back from March Break, and spring is days away. This has been a long winter, with many snow days. I sympathize with parents who have had to adjust schedules, find alternative child care, and who have been inconvenienced when schools have closed for student and staff safety. We will be re-examining our inclement weather policy next year, but I support the director’s decisions to close when prudent. I also appreciate your patience with snow removal delays. Hopefully we’ve worked out some bugs this year.

Construction on the new Bernie Custis Secondary School (BCSS) continues on time and on budget. How exciting is it that Hamilton will be hosting the Grey Cup right in front of our new high school and Prince of Wales (PoW) elementary? There are so many opportunities to work together to showcase Bernie Custis and PoW to the country. We have some time to do this right and let our students shine on a national stage.

It is my hope that our new school will produce young adults with the dreams and skills to create a healthier, more prosperous city.

In discussions with the BCSS transition team, community partners, and parents I am working to put the school, and the students on a path to making them environmental leaders. The new school has an industrial kitchen and there will be a hospitality stream for interested students. I propose we try to build partnerships with area grocers and public agencies to develop a model of community service for nutritious food preparation and security that could serve as a model.

I’d also like to see cycling promoted and rewarded at BCSS. We have bike lanes and we have to get 1,250 students to school safely and on time from the east and from the west including during disruptions such as construction leading up t–and all the activities during–the Grey Cup, not to mention construction of the LRT or other infrastructure projects. Students cycling can help get some cars off the road. Hamilton needs world-class transit and we need to promote cycling. I’m actively working on safe, secure bicycle storage at the new school.

I invite students, parents, and our community to share ideas for promoting and rewarding cycling at BCSS.

This generation of students will need to solve a lot of problems. It is my hope that our new school will produce young adults with the dreams and skills to create a healthier, more prosperous city. If you share this dream, please reach out and let’s discuss how we make this a reality.

These next years will pose challenges with cuts to education. Trustees are already fighting increased class sizes and cuts to autism support. We will need to do more with less. But I’m hopeful. Crown Point is a community that comes together to help. I’m proud to be a resident, and I am excited to bring BCSS, our elementary schools, and our community together.

I look forward to hearing your ideas, your dreams for your children, and how we work together to make all of our schools the best places to learn.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text font_size=”16″ line_height=”8″ animation=”rda_shake”]Ad to support advertising.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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