Do you have a Delightful art installation idea?

We hear that some of you are missing Delight, Hamilton’s only light festival, and we wanted to tell you not to worry – Delight will be reborn this coming June, but with a twist.

Calling all artists, students and community members – we want to hear your ideas and help you #MakeYourDelight during this year’s Hamilton Arts Week running from June 14 – 21st.

Delight has always been about sparking conversation within the community, in a public outdoor space. This year is no different. Your Delight proposal must be artist-led, involving the community, contain principles of accessibility, social justice, respect for the environment, and be supportive of principles of diversity, equity and inclusion.

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Now you know our criteria and now we want to hear your ideas for Delight. We want to help you make it happen by providing support in a few different ways. To begin with, we can provide some start-up funds whether you are an artist, member of a collective, community member, or a student. We can also help with the technical and administrative details for bringing your idea of Delight to life and connect you with volunteers to help with installation and promotion.

With three successful Delight installations behind us, and after changes within the organizational team, there was a desire to re-imagine the role of the Hamilton Dialogues (the organizing body behind much of Delight, among other projects) to one where we would nurture and facilitate creative endeavours rather than envision them ourselves. With this shift in approach, we are hoping to continue developing lasting partnerships with Hamilton artists and collectives, as well as community members, coming together in  meaningful collaborations year-round, like Delight, Hamilton Arts Week, and other great community events like the annual Winter Solstice at Corktown Park.

The Hamilton Dialogues are passionate people interested in culture, politics and community building, and we truly believe in the power of conversations as the starting point for amazing projects and change. We have engaged with Hamilton in the past through community cinema festivals and recently provided financial support to Red Tree Artists’ Collective for its multi-generational and multi-disciplinary art program for grades 1 to 4 at Prince of Wales Elementary School.

At Winter Solstice, in collaboration with Red Tree and other Hamilton artists, we set up the LED rope labyrinth (in its past life it was the Delta Park plastic bottle waterfall for Delight 2017) and an inflated plastic bag tree (from the Delight 2018 garbage forest at Gage Park). Our goal is to stay small but relevant to the neighbourhoods we call home, helping to bring about creative opportunities while maintaining solid relationships with our partners and friends in planning these activities.

Please visit us at to apply and tell us how your delightful idea will spark conversation within a public outdoor setting.

We will be accepting proposals for #MakeYourDelight until March 31st. We are excited to hear from you!

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