Dear residents and readers of The Point

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]As your new City Councillor, I am looking forward to updating you on what is happening in our ward and ensuring residents are able to contribute over the next four years. I am committed to upholding the values of respect, engagement and empowerment as we work together to deliver what is needed for our ward and our city.

Values in action:

You and I know that when we feel heard, we feel respected. I want you to know that your lived experiences and ideas will inform my approach to city policy and priorities. I look forward to connecting with you in the community, at events and through the office to hear more from you.

Through the office, we will be releasing our community engagement plan early in 2019. This is a proactive approach to ensure residents are able to connect with me, right in the ward. We have set up, a centralized office email, to ensure you are responded to quickly and thoroughly. This system ensures that all office staff and I are clear about who you are, what steps we have taken to help address your needs, and what further action may be taken.

I have been thrilled to hear from so many of you who have applied to serve on the city’s various committees. It is clear, many of you are already feeling empowered to bring about real, tangible, positive change to our city.

One support we will be launching in the new year is a revised community grants program available to Ward 3 residents interested in executing a community benefit project.

You can expect regular communication from my office on this and more. The next four years are going to be crucial ones for the growth and future success of our city. We’ve only just begun, and I very much look forward to working with you as we move forward.

With sincere gratitude,

Nrinder Nann,
Ward 3 City Councillor[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text animation=”rda_bounceInLeft”]


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