CREATING COMMUNITY: Dr. John M. Perkins Centre

This story originally appeared in the February/March 2015 print edition of The Point

A man who was deaf and mute wandered into 1429
Main Street East and, with wide eyes, began an
intriguing game of charades. He pretended to drink and
be drunk, he acted out a game of pool, and then wrapped
up by throwing out a few punches and kicks. By pointing
around the building and then pointing behind him, he
indicated that these were the things that used to happen
in the building now known as the Dr. John M. Perkins

In its colourful past, the building boasted a popular
nightclub, followed by a brothel, and even a marijuana
grow-op. These days, the Perkins Centre features 46
studio apartments and a community development
centre all owned by Indwell. Indwell is a Christian
charity that creates affordable housing communities
that support people seeking health, wellness, and
belonging. For those who knew the building before
and for those who think Indwell only does housing, it
often comes as a delight and surprise that Indwell also
rents out this bright, beautiful facility.

The building attracts renters from the long
established McMaster University to the fresh, new
business of Mes Amis Catering Company. It has been
home to New Hope Community Bikes, and continues
to be home to New Hope Church every Sunday for
services. Long-term renters are welcome, but the
Perkins Centre offers its spaces for one-time corporate
and private events as well.

From two to two hundred people, the small and
large rooms work well for conferences, board meetings,
family gatherings, or fundraising events. There is a
fully-equipped, commercial kitchen and free parking
at the back. Indwell seeks to build community and
partnerships; therefore, it offers the rooms at the
affordable rate of $15.00 per hour per room.

Much like the man who wandered into 1429 Main
Street East, a person needs to see it to believe how
much the building has changed. It is a fantastic place
to rent and recommend to others. Consider booking
your next event at the Dr. John M. Perkins Centre
by contacting, or through Indwell’s

And that’s The Point.

You can also view this article within the February/March 2015 print edition of The Point. See page 4.

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